Corporate Resource Centre (CRC)

The Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) at RKGEC prepares its students for the larger, external world. The CRC consists of a team that combines the academic power of RKGEC with the vitality and ambition of the students. It helps them to develop and shape their vision through a whole series of Training and Placements activities.

The CRC networks with the best companies in IT, telecommunications, manufacturing and many other industry sectors. This has resulted in a strong and beneficial relationship for the students, the institute and the business community. Industry and Corporate Personnel are also invited to interact with students and give them the feel of real life industry/business scenario. Every student is provided with ample opportunities for employment through campus interview and placement processes.

The college has set up, all the required facilities for the conduction of the recruitment process such as seminar hall for company presentations, group discussion room and conferencing facilities etc. The students go with the various placement related process throughout the whole programme period as shown below.....

To avail these facilities students must fill out the required undertaking(attached as below)
Undertaking Form for participating in Campus Placement Opportunities.
tnp_headThe CRC headed by Training & Placement Department is being headed by Dr. Rajesh Upadhyaya. He obtained academic and professional degrees "B.Sc from AMU & MBA from MDU" and life skills certificate program like Silva Method, Scientology & Naturopathy.
He has enjoyed various management positions with the renowned corporate since 1984 (i.e. GLAXO Ltd. & Biochem Ltd.) and 10 years of rich experience in Training & Placement Industry.
He has trained number of students and corporate people on behavioral aspects, which are being helped them to motivate themselves to establish new milestones in life as well as at their work places.
He believes to carry relationships as a person and at organizational level for a long time to benefited the students and makes the nation strong through serve skilled and technical young blood for sustainable innovations.