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Text Box: What is innerve?

An idea is the foundation of the process of discovering new opportunities or products. New ideas often arise from simple questions like ‘What is this?’, ‘What is it for?’, ‘What could it be for?’ Questioning the basic uses of products or processes we use in everyday life and common customs and rules opens up space for many new opportunities. Therefore, looking at things from a different angle is the first step to innovate and invent new solutions. At CIE-RKGEC we believe that having an idea is creativity but turning your idea in to reality is innovation.

innerve is an initiative to motivate our very young minds towards creativity and rational thinking. Through innerve, CIE-RKGEC also helps them to convert their creative ideas in to reality and that will certainly make a difference in society and our life style.

Text Box: Who may participate?





Any student from class 9th to 12th, any teacher of school and any other employee of school may participate in innerve.

Text Box: How to participate?

To participate in innerve one needs to follow very simple steps –

1. Look around you with some desire of innovation and find out any idea or problem with its solution.

2. Write down your idea or problem and its solution on a plain paper

3. Fill-up the registration form of innerve

4. Send your idea or problem & solution along with your registration form to us

One may send his/her idea via registered post or e-mail or in person at CIE-RKGEC office.

Text Box: Selection Process

A special screening committee, comprise of members from academics and industry, at CIE-RKGEC will shortlist the best ideas or problems & solutions on following parameters –

 •Innovation quotient

 •Utility of idea

 •Viability of idea

Optimization of resources (time, money, materials, manpower or energy)

CIE-RKGEC will call the short listed participants for final discussion with its expert committee at its office. At final discussion all participants are supposed to present their idea or problem & its solution through power point presentation/ charts/ models.

The time for presentation will be maximum 10 minutes for each idea.

Text Box: Prizes

First Prize      

Shield + cash prize of Rs. 5000


Second Prize  

Shield + cash prize of Rs. 3000


Third Prize     

Shield + cash prize of Rs. 2000


There will be many consolation prizes also.

Text Box: Turning Ideas into Reality

Selected winners will get the opportunity to work with CIE-RKGEC team in converting their idea into reality. All expenses in development and infrastructure required for project will be sponsored by CIE-RKGEC/respective industry/funding institute.The intellectual property rights (if any) will be jointly shared by the owner of idea and CIE-RKGEC.

CIE-RKGEC may also push the idea as a project under the scheme of MSME. The grant may be up to Rs 8.00 lakhs for converting an idea into reality from Ministry of MSME.

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Text Box: Important dates

Last Date of Idea Submission                                                   December 12, 2015

Result of First Round                                                                      December 19, 2015

Final Discussions at CIE-RKGEC & Final Results            December 26, 2015