Advisor Message

Prof. B. K. Gupta


At RKGEC, students and faculty will experience an open ended and free flowing academic and professional environment of intellectual enquiry, technical studies, extra curricular activities and self-development. All of us, founders, Director, faculty members and well wishers of RKGEC are fired with the desire to open all avenues to suit the needs, requirements and ambitions of every student entering the portals of this college.

Our teaching-learning methodology will appeal to those who seek a scheme of study in which theory and practical applications synthesize to provide the students with problem solving skills of immediate as well as enduring value.
RKGEC will also be of value to those who want to be proficient in the latest techniques and skills which are yet to be included in the university curriculum but the knowledge of which gives a cutting edge in the highly competitive global job market.
I feel great pleasure in inviting you to join the RKGEC Pariwar and take a memorable quality education, training and learning in an excellent environment free from air, sound, water and social pollution.