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About Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship are paired concepts. Innovation involves conceptualizing and designing new ways of developing and producing goods/services while promoting entrepreneurship in higher education institutions. This adds new dimension to convert new ideas into deliverables to the society.

There is a widespread agreement that innovation is a primary driver of long term economic growth and prosperity. Long term prosperity stays in countries where there is a high degree of innovative content and where innovation, manufacturing and end-user demand are strongly integrated.

Education plays a central role in the development of skills aimed at shaping an entrepreneurial society. In order to transform a business idea into a successful company, it is necessary to combine creativity and innovation with a robust business education.

Entrepreneurship is a crucial engine for innovation, competitiveness, job creation and economic growth. It also promotes the transformation of innovative ideas into successful business in high-tech sectors and can unlock the personal potential of individuals as well.

About CIE

Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship is setup at the RKGEC to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Institute as well as the society. Experience and expertise at RKGEC in the areas of management, innovation, technology networks along with entrepreneurship provide the necessary impetus and intellectual basis for this initiative.

We comprise of faculty, alumni and students of RKGEC, mentors and service providers from the industry who span a variety of functional areas, sectoral domains and geographies. The team is passionately committed for helping disruptive innovations and aspiring entrepreneurs succeed commercially.

The integrated and multi-disciplinary approach of the Centre provide a unique vehicle for technical sector engagement - for undertaking research projects, executive education, corporate venturing, and the dissemination of next generation innovation practices.

Its principal ambitions are to improve the quality of innovative thinking in India, and to stimulate entrepreneurial skills in students, faculty members, RKGEC alumni and the general entrepreneurial public.

We are a young organization ourselves and keep innovating ourselves on ways to proliferate the spirit of entrepreneurship across India.

Key Objectives of CIE

The purpose of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is to nurture business-savvy scientists, engineers, technologists and creative professionals by developing an entrepreneurial and innovation environment in the campus of RKGEC.

Key initiatives include:

  • Educating students by various activities in entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialization.
  • Developing a portfolio of project-linked internships and experiential programmes.
  • Inspiring and motivating students with presentations by outstanding business leaders.
  • Providing network opportunities for staff and students through workshops, seminars and open forums with industry.
  • Operating the RKGEC Entrepreneurship Challenge and the student-led SPARK initiative.
  • Evolving the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem within and beyond the RKGEC.
  • Take up innovative ideas from our society and turn them up into enterprise with the help of initiator.
The CIE helps innovators prepare to face the challenges of an increasingly dynamic commercial world

To join CIE – RKGEC

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How CIE Works

CIE Officials to be contacted:

Mr. Himshu Tripathi

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