Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering; An oldest and prominent branch of engineering also known as non-military engineering, is one of the segment of the engineering profession that provides the basic engineering need of the nation to build infrastructure and harness the natural resources of the country. The Department deals with buildings, bridges, roads, flyovers, tunnels, railways, port and harbors, water supply and sanitary system, for the townships and other infrastructural development. Due to liberalization policy of the government, many infrastructure projects like golden quadrilateral for connecting metropolitan cities, National highway constructions and transport system development, rural and urban housing are in progress and many more are forth coming. As such in the coming year the requirement of civil engineers are projected to be quite high for a many years. At present many multinationals companies are engaged in the infrastructure developmental activities and many more are likely to join to meet the increasing demand of the future.

The recent results analysis of this college conveys and reveals the excellence in academic pursuit as students are opting this branch and securing high percentage marks the university exams. The college library well equipped with good no of books and subscribe for large no of technical journals to make the students aware of the latest development and trends in this field. The faculty is making continuous effort by exploring new frontiers of knowledge imparting the latest technical knowledge to the students. The field visit to Real Estate and Infrastructure Constructions are value additions to facilitate the practical feel of the subject.

The job opportunities are in central and states engineering services, companies undertaking design and construction of infrastructure projects all over the country and software companies. Analytical and logical abilities and liking for the profession are the essential requirements. Subjects on concrete technology, transport engineering, water supply and sanitary engineering, geotechnical engineering, surveying, fluid mechanics and machinery, structural mechanics, hydrology and water resources, irrigation engineering are studied in this course.


To produce capable and high caliber civil engineers , who with their knowledge and skill in decision-making both in technical and managerial spheres will be able to contribute to civil engineering and allied fields with emphasis on optimal usage of resources available locally and globally, thus making the world more eco friendly to live-in with progressive sustainable development .


To make the department a center of excellence for imparting best education in civil engineering to undergraduate students. To promote involvement of staff and students in research and advanced training. To develop Multimedia Resource Centre with regard to Problems and solutions oriented towards both academy and industry.

The List of Laboratories are as follows:

  • Modern Survey Lab
  • Geoinformatics Lab
  • Hydraulic and hydraulics Machine Lab*
  • Building Material Testing Lab
  • Building Construction Lab
  • Structural Analysis Lab
  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab*
  • Transportation Engineering Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Computer aided Design lab