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Spot Counselling for Admission 2017-18 Session                                                                                Special Scholarship Scheme for Meritorious Students                                                                                Special Education Support Scheme for wards of Centre Paramilitary Forces Personnel (CPMFs)
Department of Mathematics
Ms. Veenita Sharma
M.Sc., Ph.D* Lecturer
Department of Professional Communication & Humanities
Dr. Amrita Meharwal
M.A., Ph.D, PGCTE Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry / Environmental Studies
Dr. Amit Sharma
M.Sc, Ph.D Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science Engineering
Dr. Manoj Singhal
M.Sc, MCA, M.Tech, Ph.D Professor
Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta
M.Sc, MCA, M.Tech. Assistant Professor
Mr. Saurabh Agarwal
B.Tech., M.Tech Assistant Professor
Mr. Akhilesh Latoria
MCA, Ph.D* Assistant Professor
Mr. Sanjay Kr. Sonker
B.Tech, M.Tech(USIT, Indraprastha University, New Delhi) Assistant Professor
Mr. Ankit Bansal
B.Tech, M.Tech Assistant Professor
Mrs. Deepshikha Varshney
B.Tech Lecturer
Department of Information Technologies
Mr. Pawan Kumar
B.Tech, M.Tech(Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Delhi) Assistant Professor
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Dr. R.V.S. Bhadauria
B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Mr. Yatish Kr. Chaturvedi
B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D* Assistant Professor
Mr. Mukul Chauhan
B.Tech, M.E(NITTTR, Chandigarh) Assistant Professor
Mrs. Joshita Gupta
B.Tech., M.Tech Assistant Professor
Mr. Praveen Kumar
B.Tech., M.Tech Assistant Professor
Mr. Kuldeep Sharma
B.Tech, M.Tech. Sr. Lecturer
Ms. Chhavi Choudhary
B.Tech, M.Tech. Lecturer
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Durgesh Sharma
B.Tech., M.Tech. Ph.D
Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Jha
B.Tech., M.Tech.
Assistant Professor
Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh
B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor
Mr. Vindhachal Singh
B.Tech, M.Tech* Assistant Professor
Mr. Abhinav Bharti
B.Tech. M.Tech, Ph.D* Assistant Professor
Mr. Mohit Garg
B.Tech, M.Tech(ISM, Dhanbad) Assistant Professor
Mr. Ankit Sahu
B.Tech, M.Tech* Sr. Lecturer
Mr. Rahul Jain
B.Tech, M.Tech* Lecturer
Mr. Gyanendra Singh Yadav
B.Tech. Lecturer
Mr. Atul Mani
B.Tech(IET, Lucknow) Lecturer
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Mr. J.G. Yadav
M.Tech. Ph.D* Associate Professor
Mr. Himanshu Tripathi
B.Tech, M.Tech. Assistant Professor
Mr.Prabhu Dayal
B.Tech, M.Tech* Sr. Lecturer
Mr. Priyank Agarwal
B.Tech, M.Tech* Lecturer
Department of Civil Engineering
Mr. Mahendra Prasad
B.E., M.E. Professor
Ms. Varsha
B.Tech., M.Tech Lecturer
Mr. Vikrant Goswami
B.Tech Lecturer
Mr. Sabir Azam
B.Tech Lecturer
Mr. Gaurav Verma
B.Tech Lecturer
Mr. Prem Chandra Verma
B.Tech. Lecturer
Department of Management
Mr. Madhvendra Pratap Singh
B.Sc, MBA Lecturer
Ms. Swati Gupta
MBA Lecturer
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