Campus Rule

Campus Rules & Discipline

Aims at acquiring self control, realization of acceptable limit and there by learning where to stop in one's own emotional outcomes.

The students and staff are expected to be well disciplined. They should uphold the integrity of the Nation and have a gentlemanly behavior suitable for Technical Institution of Higher learning.

Ragging is strictly prohibited in the campus

The Government Prohibition of Ragging Act 1988 is in force and those found guilty of ragging will be liable to be punished with imprisonment up to 2 years along with fine. An anti - ragging Committee is on the vigil in the campus. The students / parents can report incidents of ragging to any member of the college staff.

College Uniform

Gents : Gents: White shirt (full sleeves), Single pocket, tucked inside pants and belt. Granite grey trousers with college tie.

Ladies: Same as boys with un-tucked shirt.

In addition to the above uniform both boys and girls will wear Navy Blue Blazer and fully covered shoes with socks.

Note: All students should wear Identity Card visibly.

Attendance and Leave Regulations

Students are expected to attend all classes without fail. As per University norms, minimum attendance of 70% for first mid semester test, 75% for second mid semester test and 75% for end semester examinations is compulsory. If for unavoidable reasons, leave of absence is required, permission from competent authority should be sought as detailed below.